Callie Cain

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Room 10 News

Enjoy spring break! See you on Monday, April 12th! 

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(650) 312-7500 ext. 4062

Check our Google Classroom for the most up-to-date news and home activities and assignments. 

Home Activities and Resources

  • phonemic awareness at home
  • importance of play time
  • free play
  • growth mindset- Carol Dweck
  • reading- read to self, read to someone, have someone read to you, read using different character voices, sort your books (fiction and nonfiction)
  • outdoor activities- create something with chalk, jump rope, ride a bike, swim, practice tying your shoes, count, sort, and organize things, make an obstacle course or treasure hunt, do yoga, garden, animal watching
  • indoor activities- play a board game or card game, cook or bake something, count, sort, and organize things, set the table, practice tying your shoes, write a thank you note, make a comic, write a note to a relative, keep a journal, paint, draw, do origami, make a collage