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Distance learning - Useful links and Tips

Grades K-2

Some classes have subscriptions to the following:


Grades 3-5

Students sign in to their Google account using the format:

  • BrainPop login  - Your teacher would have shared the login with you.
  • Discovery Education Streaming, World Almanac, Khan Academy and National Geographic learning links are available in Ed1Stop under subscriptions and learning resources.
  • IXL login  (If your class has access) - Please remember to login in the following format username@audubonele
  • Newsela class and reading assignments are via Google classroom
  • Tynker, Kodable, and are some coding programs used. The students can find assignments on the platform's classroom page or in Google classroom.

Digital Citizenship at Audubon Elementary

Our students learn and practice digital citizenship throughout the year. Here are links to some of the resources:


BrainPop is a repository of educational materials with animated movies, quizzes and other activities for students in grades K-12. The materials are available in various subjects like Math, Science, English, Technology, Health, Arts and Music.

Students may login by clicking on the link - BrainPop Login

Hour of Code

Hour of Code is a global event by Computer Science Education and to reach millions of students across various countries through a one-hour coding lesson during Computer Science Education week.

Some activities to try:

Read and interpret code with this challenge from Hour of Code - Compute-it Game

Hour of Code 2019 Activities

Watch this: Computer Science for good - Change the World