• Attendance Message Line: (650) 312-7501, ext. 3
  • Phone: (650) 312-7500

Student Council

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Important Dates To Remember

Audubon Colors Day-Every Friday. Wear Audubon t-shirts/sweatshirts or anything blue/yellow.

January 13th - Sports Day

February 8th - Look-A-Like Day - Dress to match your friends!

February 15th - Pajama Day

March 3th - Wacky Hair Day

March 22nd - Career Day - What would you like to be when you grow up?

April 12th - Backwards Day

April 26th - Crazy Sock Day

May 8-12 - Colors Week


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2016-2017 Student Council

  • President: Owen
  • Vice President: Andrew
  • Wee-Care Manager: Lauren
  • Athletics Manager: Gavin
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Nihira

Teacher Support

  • Dawn Tesarowski