Measure X Update - New Elementary School in Foster City

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February 2018

Measure X Update: New Elementary School in Foster City

Dear Foster City Community Members,

I am happy to report that pre-demolition activity has started on the former Charter Square Shopping Center site.  This is a major step in fulfilling the commitment to the voters in the San Mateo-Foster City School District who voted yes on Measure X to build facilities for increased enrollments that have occurred in the three elementary schools in Foster City over the past decade.

State, City and regional approvals necessary to construct a school were obtained last year.  Cost estimates have been provided along the way, which reflect the escalating costs of construction in the Bay Area.  After each cost estimate, the District worked with Westlake Urban and the architect to identify and make reductions in the project to meet the District’s budget for the new school.    

In October, Westlake Urban offered the District the option (not available previously) to make a direct purchase of the property including demolition, soils remediation and site grading.  The Board of Trustees approved this option in November.

Demolition work is expected to last 3-4 months depending on weather conditions.  Once the demolition, remediation, and grading are complete, the District will receive title to the property for the original agreed upon price of $30.1 million plus the cost of the work done to date including the design of the school, technical studies, State, regional and local approvals, and the site demolition, remediation and grading. 

The District is now preparing to issue a notice to receive bids in May for the construction of the school.  Pre-qualification of prospective general contractors and primary subcontractors is underway to develop a pool of eligible bidders. For more information about the prequalification process, go to Partnering with SMFCSD - Pre-qualification for Construction Projects page.

If the lowest, responsive and responsible bid received is within the District’s approved revised budget, then construction is expected to start this summer with the school ready for occupancy during the 2020-21 school year.  Based on recent favorable bids on other Measure X Phase I projects, we are very hopeful that the journey to a new elementary school in Foster City will become a reality.

Look for more information and photos of the demolition work on our New Elementary School in Foster City page.

Joan Rosas, Ed.D.