Sonal Kamath

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  • Happy Fall Break! Aside from reading daily, I am not assigning math homework over break. Transitioning back to school from break can be difficult for many students, so I encourage you to practice any areas of growth based on our conference and previous math assessments.
  • Congratulations to Room 4 on turning in all of our Move-a-Thon envelopes! Thank you to all families for participating, raising money for our school and returning those envelopes. We will celebrate our hard work with a popsicle party!

what we're learning

Social Emotional: Managing peer conflict, active listening and using logic to problem solve

Reading: Annotating non-fiction articles that support the essential question: Why do people participate in government? Identifying the main idea and key details

Writing: Generating seed story ideas for personal narratives

Math: Using place value to add and subtract  and continuing our Inspirational Math. Check out some of the videos that we're watching here.

Social Studies: Bill of Rights, Branches of Government                                                                                                                  


  • Check the FAQs first. Email me if your inquiry is not listed. 

Sonal Kamath

Contact information

650.312.7501 Ext. 4083


  • 5: No School for Students
  • 8-19: Fall Break
  • 25: Art in Action
  • 26: Woodside Store Field Trip

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Scholastic Reading Club: P9F9G