Sonal Kamath

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  • Review report card with your child and return envelope with signature
  • Bring in a sock to use as white board erasers in math


  • Please return field trip permission slip and payment 
  • Review, sign, and return Unit 5 Assessment 

what we're learning

Social Emotional: Proactively managing peer conflict, active listening, and using logic to independently problem solve  

Reading: Reading and comparing versions of stories to analyze point of view while looking at the essential question: What makes people view the same experience in different ways?

Writing: Choosing an informational topic that students are experts in and developing our writing with boxes, bullets, facts, and interesting information.  

Math: Multiplication with different factors, the distributive property, and multi-step problems. We are continuing our Inspirational Math. Check out some of the videos that we're watching here.

Science: Objects in the sky - sun, moon and stars - and how they move                                                                                                          


  • Check the FAQs first. Email me if your inquiry is not listed. 

Sonal Kamath

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  • 7: Progress Reports 
  • 20: Art in Action
  • 21: Winter Break Begins

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Scholastic Reading Club: P9F9G