Sonal Kamath

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what we're learning

Social Emotional: Taking pride in our work, using our best effort, proactively managing peer conflict, and using logic to independently problem solve.

Reading: Reading, annotating, and looking at the history of innovation while looking at the essential question: What is the value of innovation?

Writing: Generating ideas for opinion writing by imagining places with problems that we feel strongly about and thinking of solutions.  

Math: Dividing fractions into equal parts, understanding that fractions are part of a whole, set or of a length, and learning vocabulary like numerator, denominator, and unit fraction. 

Social Studies: Reading, annotating, and summarizing topics about the Ohlones. 


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Sonal Kamath

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  • 14: Valentine's Day
  • 18: President's Day: No School
  • 22: Art in Action


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Scholastic Reading Club: P9F9G