Sonal Kamath

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what we're learning

Social Emotional: Taking pride in our work, using our best effort, proactively managing peer conflict with assertiveness and advocacy, reading nonverbal and verbal social cues to diffuse conflict, and using logic to independently problem solve.

Reading: Reading and annotating non-fiction stories to understand how animals and plants adapt, survive, and thrive in their environments. Finding the main idea, identifying/understanding signal words, and comparing two texts. 

Writing: Celebrating our opinion writing by sharing our work.  

Math: Understanding capacity by calculating volume and mass.

Science: Differentiating between behavioral and structural adaptations in plants and animals while studying specific organisms and their habitats. 


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Sonal Kamath

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  • 3-4: Math CAASPP Testing
  • 3-5: Student led Conferences
  • 17: Art in Action
  • 19: Picnic 
  • 20: Last day of school 

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