Davina Singh

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Classroom Updates  


We will continue to work in our math workbooks. We are reviewing the homework daily, and the kids are taking ownership of marking, correcting,       and showing their work. They are doing a great job!


The end of Unit 2 review was on Friday. I will send these home with your child during conferences. We have started  Unit 3. 


The kids continue to work in reading partnerships to discuss and write about their reading. We have been working on using sentence frames (stems) to help us think about important ideas.  (eg. Text-to-text connections, quotations, favorite parts/characters of a story) We have also started a new reading topic entitled, government. In this this unit the kids will become familiar with underlining key details, summarizing, and comparing texts.

 Social Studies:

We have completed our Bill Of Rights posters. Once they are marked, the kids will bring these home. We started learning about the branches of government today. 


We  will continue our work on narrative writing. The kids are learning how to add an interesting lead (start to their story),  to add dialogue, and to write with more detail. 


Appreciation circles continue to be successful. The kids enjoy this part of the day. We are also reviewing the steps and strategies for how to resolve conflicts with friends positively and safely. 

Davina Singh

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Math:  M-Th (we are currently working on Unit 2: Numeration) 
Reading: Nightly 

Daily Schedule

8:20-8:30 Morning Work, Attendance
8:30-8:40 Morning Gather
8:40-9:30 Math
9:30-9:40 Go Noodle, Body Break
9:40-10:25 Reading, or SS/Science
10:24-10:44 Recess
10:44-10:50 Breathe, S'cool Moves
11:00-11:45 Writing
11:45-12:10 Read Aloud, SEL Time
12:10-1:10  Lunch
1:10-1:20 Breathe, S'cool Moves
1:20-2:00 Reading or SS/Science
2:00-2:20 Clean up, Homework Log, Silent Reading
2:20-2:40 End of Day Gather, Dismissal