Davina Singh

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Hello Families.

 In math, we will begin our unit on multiplication. This will be topic 4 in our math envision program. The online activities will be updated as well.  

In writing, we have finished narrative writing. We will begin planning and drafting our own fables. Fables are stories that teach a lesson or moral. 

 In reading, we having finished our topic on government. We are now working on unit 2, which is character studies.

 In computer lab, we have finished digital passport. We will now work on typing skills, as well as a basic introduction to coding.

 In science, we having finished our unit on the sun. We are now learning about the moon phases. Next week, the kids will bring home a moon journal for the week to record their nightly observations.

During our social/emotional activities, we have been focusing on appreciation circles as well as a daily review of our motivational words.  

Warm wishes for a happy November everyone!
Mrs. D Singh

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 Upcoming Events

  • November 10th ( no school - Veteran's Day)

Weekly Schedule

  • Monday:  Library (2:10-2:40)
  • Tuesday:  Computer (11:00-11:30)
  • Wednesday: PE (10:44-12:25)
  • Thursday: PE (8:25- 10:10)
  • Friday: Music (11:00-11:30) 

Daily Schedule

  • 8:20   Morning Work
  • 8:40 Morning Gathering
  • 9:00 Reading/ Writing
  • 10:00 Read Aloud, Class-Game
  • 10:25  Recess
  • 10:45  Math
  • 12:00  Circle Time
  • 12:10  Lunch
  • 1:10   Science / Social Studies
  • 2:00   Clean up, Homework Log/Clean up
  • 2:20   End of Day Gathering
  • 2:40   Dismissal