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Shelly Wolf

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 Multicultural day is Coming

Wednesday Dec. 20th we will have our annual multicultural day. Thanks to the many parents who are helping. Some children have asked if they can wear special clothes from their cultures. That is fine as long as they can still run, play, and be active in what they are wearing. 

Art in Action dates for the rest of the school year

Jiyeon Kim will be the parent leading Art-in-Action this year.  Please contact Jiyeon, her email is itkumuuri@yahoo.com if you have questions. Future dates are tentatively scheduled for:

Dec. 12,  at 1:10

Jan. 16 at 1:10

Feb. 20 at 1:10

March 20 at 1:10

April 17 at 1:10

May 15 at 1:10

June 12 at 1:10


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current homework

reading log 12-11-17 


Snowdays web address for making digital snowflakes
Books are due Thursday morning.