Shelly Wolf

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Should your child stay home?

Please see the attached document  under important notes on the right of this page entitled illness guidelines. This is the school district's policy about when you should keep your child at home. 

 Currently in Math 

We will be doing subtraction with regrouping (or some call it borrowing). Students really seem to struggle with subtraction regrouping if they are not really strong on their basic subtraction math facts. Please use flash cards or whatever else may work for your child to review subtraction facts. They should be able to do all subtractions problems between 1-0 all the way to 18-17… without pausing. Automaticity on basic subtraction facts is really key for more complicated problem solving being smoother for students.  Please see Miss. Wolf if you need more information.


We are beginning a unit on Balance and Motion.



Shelly Wolf


important dates and notes

ideas for home based activities 

 illness guidlines

Library- books are due Thursday