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Room 6 Update


Math – We begin Unit 1 today. This unit review and expands upon addition and subtraction skills from 1st grade. We will be working on some story problems/word problems and searching for key words that tell us which operation. We will review how subtraction and addition are related.

Reading – I will begin doing 1:1 reading assessments Monday. During this time the rest of the students will have language arts and math activities to work on independently. Worksheets are not our usual work during language arts but are necessary so that I can get assessment for all children. These assessments will take a while due to their being 1:1 but give valuable, detailed, information.

Phonics – We were able to get phonics assessments finished last week!

Room Parent and Yearbook Parent – We are still searching for room parent and yearbook parent volunteers! Please let Miss. Wolf know if you can help out with these jobs.

About Me Bag– We will begin sharing bags Wednesday August 22nd and onward.  Please see link on the right hand side of the page for directions. 

Pick-up at end of the day– Room 6 exits at the end of the day through the lunch court. Please meet your child there. Please inform day care providers of where they need to meet us. Wednesday Dismissal is 12:40, every other day is 2:40.


Contacting Teacher– The best way to contact me is through the school website link to teacher emails.

Shelly Wolf


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class/school picture day - August 30th

Library- books are due Thursday