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Room 6 Update Week of October 4th

Math - We have finished until 3 and will begin unit 4 Monday, Oct. 1st. It is a short unit.

Friday - No school Friday, October 5th, teachers will be at an in-service. Then, two weeks for fall break!

Messages about pick-up etc... Occasionally the email server has glitches. I also am not checking my email during class time because the computer is usually hooked up to the interactive board.  If you send me an email about pick-up, appointments, or absences the day of the event I may not see it in time. It is a good idea to let the office know and they will contact me know as needed.

Earbuds or Earphones - Children have access to iPads in the classroom during the week . To use them your child will need his or her own earbuds or earphones. Please mark them with the child's name and send them in a ziplock bag. They will be returned at the end of the school year.

Room Parents - Lilian Lee and  Seibo Shen have generously volunteered to take on room parent duties.

Art-in-Action -  Mrs. McFadden is our Art-in-Action Lead Parent.

Pick-up at end of the day– Room 6 exits at the end of the day through the lunch court. Please meet your child there. Please inform day care providers of where they need to meet us. Wednesday Dismissal is 12:40, every other day is 2:40.

Contacting Teacher– The best way to contact me is through the school website link to teacher emails.  I check my email each morning at 7:00 am.

Shelly Wolf


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No School Friday Oct. 5th

Library- books are due Thursday