Molly Philbin

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Important Upcoming Dates:


Wednesday, October 31st: Halloween *students should bring costumes to school in a bag & we will change into them at 11:30 prior to the Halloween Carnival. No masks, weapons, or blood allowed!

November 5-9: Book Fair!!! The Book Fair will be open in the Activity Room from 7:45- 8:30 and 2:30-3:30

Wednesday, November 7th: Book Fair Family Night 5-7pm

Thursday, November 8th: Art in Action

Monday, November 12th: Veteran's Day- No School

No School November 21-25: Happy Thanksgiving!



What we're up to in Room 24:

Week of October 29

ELA: We are finishing up Unit 1. The essential question for this unit is "why do we need government?" Students have been reading and annotating passages related to this topic while practicing looking for the main idea and key details.

Word work: student have been using their Word Work Choice Board to practice "Long E" words

Math: We started Topic 5 which is all about Place Value. Students are learning about hundreds, tens, and ones as well as how to write a number in word form, expanded form, and standard form. This week we are covering topics 5-1 through 5-4

Science: We started our Rocks and Minerals unit! The students are so excited to bring in examples of rocks & minerals that they have found.

Week of November 5

ELA: Starting Unit 2! Essential Question: "What can we learn when we face problems?" Students will be reading stories about characters who are faced with challenges. They will be annotating to see how characters solved those problems and how those characters are stronger because of it.

Word work: continue word work choice board activities

Math: 5-5 through 5-7; Topic 5 test on Friday

Science: We are continuing the Rocks & Minerals unit. Students are learning about the 3 different types of rocks, the differences between rocks & minerals, and how weathering & erosion effects our Earth.



Homework policy:

25 minutes of reading each night. 

Choose one activity from the list


Scholastic Book Order Code: N3Q8F

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Molly Philbin

(650) 312-7500  ext. 4077

Art in Action dates: 

Thursdays @ 1:10-2:40

•September 20th
•October 25th
•November 8th
•December 6th
•December 13th
•January 24th
•February 21st
•March 21st
•April 25th
•May 23rd
•June 13th