Gina Lovelady Room 104

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Friendly Notes and Reminders

Week of August 12

Welcome Back to School! Please line up  in front of Matthes Hall. Look for the sign. Parents are welcome to walk in with us for the first day of school. Students will look for their desk, put on their name tag, and meet me on the classroom rug. Dismissal is at 2:40. Please wait outside as I will be walking them out everyday after school. I can't wait to meet you all! Happy first day of school! 

Please complete the paperwork in the Wednesday Envelope (given out the first day of school) by Friday, August16. Thank you so much! 

Back To School Night - Thursday, August 15


 Reading –  Read at least 20 min. each night.

Word Work – 

Math – Topic 

Extra Practice – Look in the Math Practice Workbook for the matching lesson number of the foldable.

Home Activities – Choose an activity to do at home.



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650.312.7501 ext. 5004

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Home Activities

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Activation Code: L33NX



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