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Friendly Notes and Reminders

Week of October 2
Last Wednesday, all the second graders attended the ribbon cutting to the Audubon Garden. It was so exciting, especially if a student hasn't attended a ribbon cutting before. Ask you're kids about the giant pair of scissors! Our garden is located at Killdeer Park next to the MPR. Take a quick peek! 


·      This Wednesday, October 4 is the day of the Move-A-Thon. Dress comfortable and be ready to move! We still need 12 more envelopes to be signed and returned to have 100% participation towards earning an extra recess.

·      Wee Care is collecting baby items: diapers, formula and food, and wipes. If you can, please donate an item or two.

·      Gently used children's Halloween costumes are also being collected. This is a great way to get rid of outgrown or unused costumes while helping other children.

·      Library books due Tuesdays. 

 Important Dates


  • 4 - Move - A - Thon Day!
  • 6 - No school: Professional Developement Day
  • 9 - 20: Fall Break
  • 25 - Wacky Hair Day
  • 31 - Happy Halloween!
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650.312.7501 ext. 5004

Current Assignments

Reading: 20 min. a night and fill in the reading log. Tell someone what your book was about.        Due: Thursday

Spelling: No new words this week.

Scholastic News: Read Treasure Hunt! Then, complete the back page, Treasure Riddles. Keep this magazine at home but we will be discussing it on Thursday.

Math: Homework due daily.   Practice addition and subtraction facts up to 20,  until you know them by heart, for fact power!

 Helpful Links

Scholastic Reading Club -

Activation Code: L33NX



Why Read Daily?

Standards for Mathematical Practices

High Frequency Word List

Healthy School Foods

 Happy Birthday


11: Koki

20: Parnika

 Wish List