Gina Lovelady Room 104

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Friendly Notes and Reminders

Week of December 2

·      Thank You so much for the Birthday Greetings and surprises! You are all so kind!

        Report Cards go home this Friday. Please return the signed report card envelope on Monday.

·      Room 104 is having a Readers Theater to celebrate the end of our reading unit! It will be on Friday, December 13 at 8:45 am in the activity room. The students have been practicing and our excited to perform for you!

·      Wee Care is collecting new, unwrapped toys and children’s clothing for families in need. Please donate if you can by Friday, Dec. 6.

·      This week is Sports Week:

        Tuesday – Soccer Day                          Thursday – Baseball Day                       

        Wednesday – Basketball Day              Friday – Any Sport Day

I have also told the students that they can wear an Audubon T-Shirt or school colors if they don’t have a themed shirt for any of the days.

·      Library books due every Tuesday.

Classroom Updates

 Reading - Unit 3: Plants and Animals In Their Habitats.                                                                                               R-E-A-D for at least 20 min. a day!

 Writing -  Friendly Letters

Word Work - Spelling Patters and Parts of Speech

Math – Topic 6: Mental Addition                                                                                                  Extra Practice – Look in the Practice Workbook for the correlating lesson number of the foldable that is sent home.

Social Studies - Families, Now and Long Ago

Science - Pebble, Sand, and Silt

School to Home – Choose an activity to do from the back of your blue communication folder.








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650.312.7501 ext. 5004

Social Studies Project: due Mon., Dec. 9

  • Learning About A Culture 
  • Cultural Doll Materials
  • Family Tree

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 Happy Birthday


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