Gina Lovelady Room 104

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Friendly Notes and Reminders

Week of November 5 -7

·      We have received tablets for literacy time. Students will need ear buds. Please send them in for your child to keep in class through the school year.

·      Book Fair: All this week. Purchase some good books your growing readers! Also, please find the white basket labeled Ms. Lovelady and pick a book or 2 from the basket to donate to our class.

·      Library books due Tuesday.

Important Dates

October 31: Audubon Halloween Carnival

November 12: No School - Veteran's Day Holiday 

November 21-23: No School - Thanksgiving Holiday

Do Read Daily!

Do Develop Your Childs’ Social Emotional Skills!

Do Practice Academic Skills in Real World Settings!

 Home Activity Suggestions unless otherwise noted with a *: 


Reading – Unit 2: Characters Facing Challenges (Analyze characters, identify and summarize key events, determine the central message, comparing and contrasting two tales/folktales.

Writing – The writing process through narrative writing.

 Word Work – New spelling patterns and high frequency. Please find weekly spelling patterns on the back of this sheet.

 Math – Topic 5: Place Value to 100 - Look for the Home Activity on the front page of each foldable that is sent home.

Extra Practice – Look in the Practice Workbook for the matching lesson number of the foldable.

 Home Activities – Choose an activity from the list to do at home.

The student geologists are hard at work in Science and in Social Studies we will start the unit Families, Now and Long Ago while learning what it means to vote.


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650.312.7501 ext. 5004

Helpful Links

Scholastic Reading Club -

Activation Code: L33NX



Why Read Daily?

Standards for Mathematical Practices

Healthy School Foods

 Happy Birthday


5 -Cameron

16 - Yuzu


1 - Aditi

18 - Madison

21 - Sophia

25 - Tanmay

26 - Ms. Lovelady


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