Gina Lovelady Room 104

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Friendly Notes and Reminders

Week of Mar. 4 - Mar. 8


·      Please use the link below to order author signed (Author Gennifer Choldenko) book(s). Order due date is this Tuesday, March 5, 2019  

·      Sports day is this Wednesday. Show pride in your favorite team or sport!

·      Wee Care is collecting canned soups and veggies for donations.

·      Library books due Tuesday.

·      Please check our class page on the Audubon website regularly.

 Important Dates

March 11: No School Teacher PD day

April 1 - 12: Spring Break

March 18 - March 22:  Literacy Week                                                                                             We will celebrate Literacy Week with special activities during these days. (Mon.) - Kick off assembly with Mrs. Brady and Mr. Gariss,  (Tues.) Teacher Switch read aloud, (Wed.) Reading with our buddies and Pajama Day, (Thurs.) Author Visit, (Fri.) A teachers readers theater and Book Swap


 The students are learning about the world around us: Balance and Motion (science) and The Land Around Us (Social Studies).

 Reading – Unit 4: Many Characters, Many Points of Views

                         Read at least 20 min. each night.

 Writing – We are now working on an informational/nonfiction writing piece (while waiting for more Flat Students to come back from their travels).

 Word Work – New spelling patterns and high frequency words. Please find weekly spelling patterns and example words on the back of this sheet.

 Math – Topic 10: Place Value

Extra Practice – Look in the Practice Workbook for the matching lesson number of the foldable.

 Home Activities – Choose an activity to do at home.



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650.312.7501 ext. 5004

Helpful Links

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