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Friendly Notes and Reminders

Week of Aug. 20 - 24


        It was a pleasure meeting all of you at Back to School Night. I look forward to            this year.

·      If you have signed up to be a volunteer, I will be sending you an email by the end of this week. Many thanks for signing up!

·      Please turn in completed forms from last week’s Wednesday envelope.

·      If you have not done so already, please send in supplies from the supply list.

·      Scholastic book orders Due: Fri., Aug. 31. Start the new school year with great books!

·      Please check our class page on the Audubon website regularly.


Do Read Daily!

Do Develop Your Childs’ Social Emotional Skills!

Do Practice Academic Skills in Real World Settings!

 Home Activity Suggestions unless otherwise noted with a *:

 Reading - We are establishing routines in class. Just read!

 Writing -  We are establishing routines in class. Start a journal.

 Math - Understanding Addition and Subtraction: Look for the Home Activity on the front page of each foldable that is sent home.

Extra Practice – Look in the Practice Workbook for the matching lesson number of the foldable.

 *Special Project – Last week, we read the Book Chrysanthemum (have them retell the story to you).  Then, talk with your child about how they got their name and have them complete the Special Name worksheet. We’ll share our name stories on Friday! Due: Friday, Aug., 24.  


Important Dates

First Day of School : Tuesday, August 14th

Back to School Night: Thursday, August 16th 5:30-6:15

Picture Day: Thursday, August 30th

No School: Friday, August 31st (Teacher Professional Development)

No School: Monday, September 3rd (labor Day)









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650.312.7501 ext. 5004

Helpful Links

Scholastic Reading Club -

Activation Code: L33NX



Why Read Daily?

Standards for Mathematical Practices

Healthy School Foods

 Happy Birthday


2: Aiden

4: Praysha

13: Jeena


8: Soichi

12: Arshia

25: Ryunosuke

29: Aashi 


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