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Room 104

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Friendly Notes and Reminders

Week of August 21

 Wow, the students did an awesome job this week! They were very engaged in learning the routines and getting to know each other. Each of them even brought their best smiles for picture day:)

Thank you for attending Back to School Night. It was a pleasure to meet you all.

·      Bring in completed student forms from last week’s Wednesday envelope.

·      We are beginning to use the supplies. Students need 2 pocket poly folders: 1 orange, 1 yellow, 1 green, 1 blue. They also need earbuds for using classroom tablets.

·      Scholastic book orders due: Thurs., Aug. 31. Start the new school year with great books! 

































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650.312.7501 ext. 5004

Current Assignments

Reading for 20 min. a night. Tell someone what your book was about.

Math Homework due daily.   Practice addition and subtraction facts up to 20,  until you know them by heart, for fact power!

 Helpful Links

Scholastic Reading Club -

Activation Code: L33NX



Why Read Daily?

Standards for Mathematical Practices

High Frequency Word List

Healthy School Foods

Important Dates


15 - First Day of School

18 - Smile! Picture Day

 Happy Birthday


8 - Kathy

29 - Scarlett


1 - Vikash

6 - Sofia

28 - Isaac

 Wish List