Jill Lang

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Room 7 News


Dear Families, 

 Kid Town is coming!! Kid Town is a fun and educational simulation program that is a highlight of first grade. All the first grades participate, and it will take place during the month of March.

We will be creating a town centered around businesses and stores within our classroom.  In our town, the students will “earn” play money by producing items, selling services, and working hard in school.  They will also act as consumers by “spending” their play money at various stores.

Through this simulation the children will learn many social studies concepts related to communities and economies.  Throughout the unit, students will learn the importance of democracy, being a responsible citizen, as well as what it means to be a productive member of a community. Students will also explore basic economic concepts and their role in a free-market economy.

In order to operate our town, we will need some donated items:

 ·      junk mail envelopes or plain white envelopes

·      stickers

·      empty toilet paper tubes with no paper left on it

·      beads and string for necklaces and bracelets

*Please do not feel like you need to donate something from every category or spend money. The goal should be to reuse and repurpose most materials.

We will also celebrate the end of our unit with a Town Meeting.  Please mark your calendars for Thursday, March 29th at 8:30. We will hold our Town Hall Meeting that day, where you will be invited to experience Our Town first-hand. Stay tuned for more information on Kid Town!          

Jill Lang

Spelling Words

 soap, go, flows, show, cold, hoe, toe, toast, your, found

Word Wall Words

Students should be able to read and spell these words.

 I, can, we, has, is, like, he, big, me, to, see, she, one, jump, look, are, come, here, what, put, went, now, was, out, who, good, these, our, once, hurt, right, start, how, under, far, try, after, call, off, long, year, live, your, found

Daily Schedule 

  • 8:20        Morning Routines, Read to Self
  • 8:35       Partner Reading 
  • 9:00       Reading Workshop (Unit7- Past, Present and Future)
  • 10:25       RECESS
  • 10:50       Math/PMT (Topic 9-Comparing Numbers )
  • 12:10        Lunch
  • 1:10         Writer’s Workshop (Fiction Writing)
  • 1:50         Science/Social Studies (Past and Present)
  • 2:30        Regroup/Read Aloud
  • 2:40        Home

Tuesdays: Music

Wednesdays: Computer Lab

Thursdays: Library

Art in Action: Monthly 

Buddies: Monthly 

Jill Lang


(650) 312-7501 ext. 4086


Important Dates 


  • 12th - 100th Day of School
  • 14th -Valentine's Day
  • 19th President's Day - No School


  • All Month - Kid Town
  • 29th - Town Hall Meeting 8:30am


Correction Marks

✔    OK  

✚    Some Effort

★    Great Job!

Excellent and Wow are reserved for work that is a student’s personal best.