Jill Lang

Jill Lang

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Dear Families, 

Welcome back! We have Art-in-Action this Friday at 1:15 if you would like to stop by and help out.

I am asking students to bring in a collection of no more than five items for our writing unit. These items should fit into the gallon baggy that is being sent home. We be using the collections for about two weeks before they are returned.

 The collections should be similar, but not identical. Examples include:

 ·      Lego guys

·      Matchbox cars

·      Shopkins

·      headbands

·      Pokemon cards

·      Action figures

·      Small stuffed animals

·      Key chains

 The collections should be different enough that it would be easy to tell at least three differences between the items. For example, don’t bring in a red, blue, purple, green, and yellow pencil collection since they only differ by color.

 Jill Lang


 Long a with final e 

Sight Words

Students should be able to read and spell these words.

the, I, to, a, is, my, go, me, like, on, in, so, we, it, and, up, at, see, he, do, you, an, she, little, one, jump, are, look, come, here, what, put, now, went, out, was, good, who, our, many, right, start, why

Daily Schedule 

  • 8:20        Morning Routines, Read to Self
  • 8:35       Partner Reading 
  • 9:00       Reading Workshop (Unit 5-Technology)
  • 10:25     RECESS
  • 10:50     Math/PMT (Topic 6 - Subtraction Facts to 20)
  • 12:10      Lunch
  • 1:10        Writer’s Workshop (Opinion)
  • 1:50        Science (Matter)
  • 2:30        Regroup/Read Aloud
  • 2:40        Home

Tuesdays: Music

Wednesdays: Computer Lab

Thursdays: Library

Art in Action: Monthly 

Buddies: Monthly 

Jill Lang


(650) 312-7501 ext. 4086


Important Dates 


  • 8th: School Resumes
  • 20th: MLK Jr. Day-No School


  • 17th: President's Day-No School


Home Activities

reading - read to self, read to someone, have someone read to you, read using different character voices, sort your books (fiction and non-fiction)

outdoor activities - create something with chalk, jump rope, ride a bike, swim, practice tying your shoes, count, sort, and organize things, make an obstacle course or treasure hunt, do yoga, garden, animal watching

indoor activities - play a board game or card game, cook or bake something, count, sort, and organize things, set the table, practice tying your shoes, write a thank you note, make a comic, write a note to a relative, keep a journal, paint, draw, do origami, make a collage

Correction Marks

✔    OK  

✚    Some Effort

★    Great Job!

Excellent and Wow are reserved for work that is a student’s personal best.