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Jill Lang

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Room 7 News


Dear Families, 

The students are working very hard to prepare for our Publishing Party and Bell concert on December 21. We are writing informational books on class pets. Families should plan on coming to school at 1:45 for the publishing party. The bell concert will begin at 2:15.

Jill Lang


                          Spelling Words

             catch, check, chop, lunch, match, much, when, whiff, once, hurt          

                       Word Wall Words

                   Students should be able to read and spell these words.

 I, can, we, has, is, like, he, big, me, to, see, she, one, jump, look, are, come, here, what, put, went, now, out, was, hurt, once, our, these, when


Daily Schedule 

8:20        Morning Routines, Read to Self

8:35       Partner Reading 

9:00       Reading Workshop

10:25       RECESS

10:50       Math/PMT (Topic 5- Addition Facts to 20)

12:10        Lunch

1:10         Writer’s Workshop (Non-Fiction)

1:50         Science/Social Studies (Plants and Animals)

2:30        Regroup/Read Aloud

2:40        Home

Tuesdays: Music

Wednesdays: Computer Lab

Thursdays: Library, Guest Reader

Art in Action: Monthly 

Buddies: Monthly 

Jill Lang


(650) 312-7501 ext. 4086


Important Dates 


  • 4th - 8th Sports Week
  • 8th - Report Cards
  • 21st Publishing Party and Bell Concert
  • 22nd - Jan. 7th Winter Break




       Correction Marks

✔    OK  

✚    Some Effort

★    Great Job!

Excellent and Wow are reserved for work that is a student’s personal best.