Jennifer Flores

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September 17-21

Reading - This week we continue to work on our reading stamina and are up to reading 18 minutes on our own!  We began our reading centers and the students really enjoyed working in them this week!

Spelling Words this week - big, fit, him, hit, kick, kids, lid, lips, little, you                                                                                                                                                 *Please note we are not having spelling tests right now.  I am giving them an assessment at the end of the week.  However this is my way to see what I need to add/change in my spelling during class time.  In addition to see how they are learning the words in class each week.  

Move-A-Thon is approaching!  This is a fun and exciting time for our school!  This fun event will happen on September 28th.  Envelopes went home last week to begin collecting donations.  If we get 100% participation we will get a popsicle party!

Math - This next week we will be working lessons 2.2-2.5 which will be continuing to work with the beginning concept of subtraction.  Please note, the story problems on the back page are generally read together and completed together as a group in the beginning of the year until they feel more comfortable with reading and with completing these types of problems.

Library is on Monday.  Please have your child bring in his or her library book on Monday.

Conferences are the week of September 24th.  We will have a 12:40 dismissal all week.  

Wee Care is being collected right now.  We are looking for donations of family sized toothpaste, detergent, dish soap, hand soap, and shampoo.  If your child brings in any of the items, we will deliver to the library.  Thank you!

Wednesday we will have our PTA Reflections assembly.  This is a nation- wide arts appreciation and recognition program for students put on by the PTA.  Information on this should be in the school weekly bulletin.  

Home Folders - These will be stuffed and sent home on Monday of this week.  They will contain the following:

-Information about IXL, a math subscription website that our class uses.  This will contain a login for your child to use at home if they would like.  As with all technology, please use sparingly and as extra practice for math.  I have starred the areas in the first grade section that we have been learning in class.  The students can use this a starting point when working on this at home. 

-A few parents have some forms from the office.  These are forms that were not filled out online.  If you did not receive any then you are all caught up.  Please fill out and return as soon as possible.




Oldies But Goodies (previous announcements left for your reference)

Spelling City is is great website that helps your child work with his or her spelling words at home.  It is a free site that offers games, and interactive activities.  After you create a login, you can type in your child's spelling words and they can practice for the week.  My own children used this site for years and loved it!  I will keep a link to this site in our right margin.  You can find it at

-Raz Kids  - This next week we will begin Raz-Kids in the computer lab.  This is a subscription reading site that the students will use on a weekly basis as a reading center.  They will also have access to this at home.  The parent letter in the home folder discusses this information and allows you parent access as well.  Students will be able to read leveled books and answer questions about each book.  They will need to read and listen to the book before answering the questions and will have to get all 5 questions correct before moving onto the next book in their group.  There is a fun rocket building portion that they may do at home.  I recommend that if the students do this at home, they only read 1-2 books at a sitting at most.   

Snacks - A couple of reminders:  Please remember to place your child's snack in a separate area from their lunch. It can make getting it out difficult at recess.  However, please make sure the snack is in a zipped up area in your child's backpack.  Birds have been known to steal snacks in open backpacks outside!  Please note: Our classroom this year is nut free.



Daily Schedule

8:30   Warm up, attendance

8:45   Reading Workshop

9:30   Centers

10:25 Recess

10:45 Writing

11:20 Social Studies/Science

12:10 Lunch

1:10   Math/PMT

2:00  Finish Math

2:40  Dismiss

Extras:  Mondays Library 10:55, Tuesdays Music 9:55, Every other Wednesday buddies 12:00, Fridays Computers 10:45