Jennifer Flores

Jennifer Flores



November 11-15

Thank you to all of our chaperones who joined us on Tuesday.  We had a great time!  We learned about many of the animals and even got to eat different plants grown on the farm!  

No school Monday due to Veteran's Day



Library is on Thursday of this week due to the Monday holiday.

Spelling words this week: skin, skip, sled, slip, smell, spin, spot, step, out, was  The focus will be on s blends.

We will continue our reading unit this next week.    Our focus is how living things change.  We will  read a lot more non fiction and will begin to  take a look at main idea and details in the stories we read as well.   This Wednesday, our first Shared Reading booklet will be sent home.  Each week we read two short stories or poems and we respond to them in different ways in our booklets.  Each response begins with a sentence starter and they are to finish it.  When I grade them I look for completion of the sentence and I look for a picture.  This booklet can also be used at home for the child to practice reading each night.  

Science has been so fun!  We just planted grass and alfalfa seeds.  They have already begun to grow!  We are learning about what plants need to survive and are learning about each plant part and how it helps the plant.  Our science unit also correlates with our reading unit too!


Oldies But Goodies (previous announcements left for your reference)

 Snacks - A couple of reminders: Please remember to place your child's snack in a separate area from their lunch. It makes it much easier getting it out at recess. Please note: Our classroom this year is nut free.

A note about home folders:  These folders are to be kept inside your child's backpack.  When you have a form to bring back to class, please place it in your child's folder and have him or her give it to me in the morning.  I will then empty it and have your child place it in his or her backpack.  I will usually collect them on Fridays when there are items to bring home on Mondays, which may not occur each Monday.

Birthdays - Thank you for your support with our birthday celebrations.  In lieu of treat bags, you are welcome to buy a gift for the class in honor of your child's birthday.  This can be a book or anything from our Amazon wish list (link on the column to the right).  This of course is completely optional.  

Social Activities in the classroom - I mentioned many ways to help your child outside of the classroom.  I wanted to mention some of things we are doing in the classroom to help support their social growth.  When students come in from recess, we do some calming exercises which helps take them from recess to classtime.  We call them "dots and squeezies", feel free to ask your child about it.  In addition, I have added in more math choice time.  This is an opportunity for students to have essentially free play with the math manipulatives.  They create, explore and use their imaginations.  In a couple of weeks we will be using our "Brain Bins.".  These are different bins that the students use each morning.  They rotate these bins daily.  The items inside range from Legos to building sticks and allow time for the students to create, share, problem solve and use their imagination.  Feel free to come inside and take a look at them.  Last year it was a favorite time of the day for many!  

Daily Schedule

8:30   Warm up, attendance

8:45   Reading Workshop

9:30   Centers

10:25 Recess

10:45 Writing

11:20 Social Studies/Science

12:10 Lunch

1:10   Math/PMT

2:00  Finish Math

2:40  Dismiss

Extras:  Mondays Library 10:55, Tuesdays Music 9:55, Every other Wednesday buddies 12:00, Fridays Computers 10:45