Jennifer Flores

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May 20-24


Math - We will  begin Topic 15 this week which will begin geometry.  Our parent note will be going home on Monday.

Spelling words this week - Our spelling words this week are: bloom, smooth, soon, tooth, good, hook, shook, wood, another, does

In reading,  we will continue our unit titled "Using Goods and Services".  We will be exploring the question, "Why do people trade with each other?" We are also really working on retelling stories.  The students will begin to write a summary of stories they read in class.  This will help them when they move onto second grade next. year.

I will be out of the classroom on Wednesday due to high school testing for my daughter.  I will return on Thursday. 

Colors week will be this next week!  Each day the students can wear the specific color noted and if they would like can make donations requested on that day.  Please note - you do not have to donate to dress in colors.  Everyone is welcome to wear the color of the day.  Here is the schedule:

Monday - Purple  -  Items to donate:  grape or berry jelly

Tuesday - Red  - Items to donate: ketchup

Wednesday - Yellow - Items to donate: honey or Mayonnaise

Thursday - Green - Items to donate: pickles

Friday- Blue - Items to donate: salad dressing

Feel free to bring the donated items at anytime as well.  It does not have to be on the suggested day.  It will be a fun week!


Student Led Conference forms were sent home .  Thank you to those who have turned in your form with an approximate time you plan to attend.  If you are flexible on times with your child, generally around 2:00 is not as popular of a time.  You may stay as long as you would like with your child in the class. 

We have begun our fun new social studies unit this next week on American Symbols.  This week we learned all about the American Flag!  We will  end our unit with a small performance titled American Symbols.  Save the Date!  Our performance will be held on June 18th at 2pm. 

Library is on Monday.



Oldies But Goodies (previous announcements left for your reference)


Please note some important changes in this schedule: These are conferences that our led by your children who will need to be in attendance. I will be present to briefly check in with each family. Conferences in our class will be held on Wednesday May 29th, Wednesday June 5th and Thursday June 6th. Minimum Day schedule for conferences will begin the week of June 3rd. These changes are due to my daughter's 8th grade graduation which will cause me to be out of the classroom a few days at the end of the month. My former partner from last year will be in for me while I am out and I will work to make sure the transition is smooth. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this.

 *Xtra Math - Your home folder will be sent home on Monday. In the folder will be an access code to a new website/app called xtra math. I will introduce this site to the class on Monday. This program is strictly to help with math fluency in addition and subtraction. The letter will have more information about this program. This is an optional activity to do at home. We will not be using this in the classroom. One note as well - it says you can purchase the app for $5. While I think it is easier to use on an iPad, you can simply go through Safari to access it at no charge.  

Planning a trip longer than 3 days? The office requests that if you are going to have a planned absence lasting longer than 3 days that you see them to fill out an absence form. Thank you!

Spelling City is is great website that helps your child work with his or her spelling words at home.  It is a free site that offers games, and interactive activities.  After you create a login, you can type in your child's spelling words and they can practice for the week.  My own children used this site for years and loved it!  I will keep a link to this site in our right margin.  You can find it at

-Raz Kids  - This next week we will begin Raz-Kids in the computer lab.  This is a subscription reading site that the students will use on a weekly basis as a reading center.  They will also have access to this at home.  The parent letter in the home folder discusses this information and allows you parent access as well.  Students will be able to read leveled books and answer questions about each book.  They will need to read and listen to the book before answering the questions and will have to get all 5 questions correct before moving onto the next book in their group.  There is a fun rocket building portion that they may do at home.  I recommend that if the students do this at home, they only read 1-2 books at a sitting at most.   

Snacks - A couple of reminders:  Please remember to place your child's snack in a separate area from their lunch. It can make getting it out difficult at recess.  However, please make sure the snack is in a zipped up area in your child's backpack.  Birds have been known to steal snacks in open backpacks outside!  Please note: Our classroom this year is nut free.


Daily Schedule

8:30   Warm up, attendance

8:45   Reading Workshop

9:30   Centers

10:25 Recess

10:45 Writing

11:20 Social Studies/Science

12:10 Lunch

1:10   Math/PMT

2:00  Finish Math

2:40  Dismiss

Extras:  Mondays Library 10:55, Tuesdays Music 9:55, Every other Wednesday buddies 12:00, Fridays Computers 10:45