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Jennifer Flores/Celeste Chain

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October 23-27

Welcome back!  We hope you had a wonderful break!  Mrs. Flores and Mrs. Chain are excited to get back to working with your children!

Spelling - Our words this upcoming week are: dull, nut, cup, rug, duck, sun, cub, cuff, come, here.  

Library is on Monday.  Please remember to return your books by Monday.

Save the Date!  Tuesday Oct. 31 is Halloween!  We will be having a celebration in our classroom after lunch that day.  Here is the schedule for that afternoon:  1:00 The students will be coming in a few minutes early to get changed into their costume.  1:20 - begin party in classroom.  2:00 Halloween Carnival out on the playground in the costumes.  This will be a fun event for our little ones!  All are invited to attend.  We will need help with parents to help our students get changed into their costumes.  Please let us know if you would be able to come and help that day around 1:00. Thank you!

Our field trip to Hidden Villa is is coming up!  Thank you to all of our chaperones who will be joining us:  Nora Pakulis (Alden), Ruba Arar (Adam), Ramani V. (Ashwin), Sumie Murakawa (Soichi), Marianne Wallace (Olivia), Monica Conteras (Emilio), Nancy Chung (Cait), Joy Kim (Daniel), Ayumi Sobue (Misato).  We are so thankful to have so many parents join us on this fun day!  We are currently looking at our bus totals to figure out the amount of parents that can ride with us.  Please let us know if you have a hardship and need to ride the bus (ie no drivers license, no car, etc.) Thank you and we will be getting in touch with you soon to give you more information.

October 25th is Wacky Hair Day.  The students may come to school in crazy hair that day.

October 27th is picture retake day.  



Please read each night and mark on the reading log.  The reading log is due at the end of each school week.

Monday-Math 3.1, spelling 2x each worksheet

Tuesday - Math 3.2, spelling word search worksheet

Wednesday - Math 3.3, spelling word search

Thursday - Math 3.4, study for test

Oldies but still goodies                               

(Old announcements but still good to have on hand):

Please check the school website for important information each week and sign up for their weekly newsletter. You can go to the quick link page on the left margin. Scroll down to Wednesday envelope weekly and you should be taken to the page. It will be very helpful for you! 

 Snacks - Please try and pack your child's snack in a separate place outside of your child's lunch.  A good place would be in the small zipper pocket of their backpack.  It makes getting out snack a lot easier for them. 

Spelling City is a great site to help study for spelling!  You can check it out at www.spellingcity.com

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Celeste Chain

Flores ext 4092               Chain ext 4087


Word Wall Words

Students should be able to read and spell the following words:

a, at, as, an, am, are, and, can, did, do, go, has, had, he, his, him, is, if, in, it, like, little, look, my, man, me, no, on, play, run, so, she, the, to, us, up, we, you


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