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June 18-21, 2018

 It is so hard to believe that this is our last newsletter of first grade! It has been a pleasure working with each and every one of your children.  I always like to think about how far each child has come from the beginning of the year.  They have moved leaps and bounds from our first day of school! I will certainly miss each and every one of them!

 Our American Symbols performance will be in the Activity Room at tomorrow at 2:00.  Please have your child come to school wearing a white shirt (of any type) and dark bottoms (jeans, pants, shorts, skirt).  Please allow time for parking and for walking into the Activity Room which is just  after the office.  Our performance is 15 minutes long.  Our room moms will be providing a small snack after the performance which will allow time for families to take pictures and visit.  If you are planning on taking your child directly from the performance, please check them out with me before you leave.  I will have a checkout list to help keep track of this.  

 Wednesday will be our first grade picnic which will be held on the upper playground.  We will be providing pizzas, watermelon, a cookie and waters for the students from our class fund.  They will get to play on the upper playground at 11:00 then will eat around 12:00.  Dismissal will be at 12:40.  

 Thursday will be our last day of school.  Dismissal will be at 12:40.

 The students will be bringing home their items from the classroom later this week.  Please have them bring in a paper or reusable bag by Wednesday so they may transport their items home.  All published writing from our wall will be in their portfolio along with their symbols artwork.  All other items will be in their other folders.  Their homework folder will have a Step up to Second Grade packet of math lessons they may work on over the summer.  This is from our math unit and can be kept at home for practice.




no more homework!

Oldies but still goodies                               

(Old announcements but still good to have on hand)

Xtra Math- The purpose of this website is to strictly focus on addition and subtraction fluency. It will help them feel more comfortable with their basic math facts. There is an app for this site but is available for purchase only. Please note, you can still access this site on an iPad without purchasing the app, you will just need to you will just need to go through the internet. The students were shown this site last week and are excited to try it out!

Read Write and Type computer program has begun! Your child may have brought home a certificate last week showing they passed level one of a computer program. We have begun a typing program called Read Write and Type. They are learning how to type on the computer and learning the location of all of the keys. We even cover up the keys while they are typing! We have just begun this program and many have just finished level one. If your child did not bring home a certificate, that is okay as they are not too far behind. They should be bringing it home soon. Have them show you the keys they learned and how they use their "spider fingers" on the home keys to type!

Please check the school website for important information each week and sign up for their weekly newsletter. You can go to the quick link page on the left margin. Scroll down to Wednesday envelope weekly and you should be taken to the page. It will be very helpful for you! 

Spelling City is a great site to help study for spelling!  You can check it out at