Jennifer Flores

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August 20-24, 2018

 We have officially finished our first week of school!  We have had a great time and have accomplished a lot this week!  It was so nice meeting all of you on Thursday - we had 100% attendance!  This is a first for me in many years!

Reading - This week we read many read alouds and learned about "filling our buckets."  This is done by being kind to others.  Be sure to ask them ways they can fill others' buckets at home.  

Math - Currently we are doing a program called counting collections.  We will continue this for the first couple weeks of school.  This program allow them to build number sense. 

Snacks - A couple of reminders:  Please remember to place your child's snack in a separate area from their lunch. It can make getting it out difficult at recess.  However, please make sure the snack is in a zipped up area in your child's backpack.  Birds have been known to steal snacks in open backpacks outside!  Please note: Our classroom this year is nut free.

Our home folders will be placed in your child's backpack today.  They will not have any forms to return in them today, but I ask the folder stays in your child's backpack.  They do contain a 100 chart and an alphabet chart for resource to use at home.  If you do ever have an item in your child's folder, please have your child hand the folder to me in the morning.  This will let me know to check it.

Parent Volunteers - Thank you so much to everyone who signed up to help out this year!  We are currently in need of an Art in Action Docent.  We have two great assistants who will be happy to help you!  Please let me know if this is something you will be interested in doing.  It is a great opportunity to work with the kids - lessons are generally once a month and I am happy to work around your schedule.  Thank you so Sowmya Parthan (Anya's mom) for volunteering to be our room parent this year.  Generally there has been two room parents who share the load.  Please let me know if you would be interested in helping with this job.  Thank you to all of the other parents who have graciously signed up to help!  I will be getting in touch with you shortly with details.

Picture Day August 30th


Daily Schedule

8:30   Warm up, attendance

8:45   Reading Workshop

9:30   Centers

10:25 Recess

10:45 Writing

11:20 Social Studies/Science

12:10 Lunch

1:10   Math/PMT

2:00  Finish Math

2:40  Dismiss

Extras:  Mondays Library 10:55, Tuesdays Music 9:55, Every other Wednesday buddies 12:00, Fridays Computers 10:45