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February 20-23

Thank you for all of the special Valentine treats!  I have enjoyed them all!  The kids and I had a great Valentine's Day in class and a fun week with all of our special days and events!

Spelling words this week -soap, go, flows, show, cold, hoe, toe, toast, your, found.  Students will now be counted down for using uppercase words inappropriately.  We will be having them practice in class and will be talking about this but please reinforce this at home.  We will be having a spelling test this Friday.

No Library this week.

Kid Town coming up!  The month of March we will be doing an interactive unit called Kid Town.  A letter explaining this will be going home in your child's homework folder today.  We are asking for donations before we begin this fun unit.  Please bring them in at anytime!  Thank you!

Read Write and Type computer program has begun!   Your child may have brought home a certificate last week showing they passed level one of a computer program.  We have begun a typing program called Read Write and Type.  They are learning how to type on the computer and learning the location of all of the keys.  We even cover up the keys while they are typing!  We have just begun this program and many have just finished level one.  If your child did not bring home a certificate, that is okay as they are not too far behind.  They should be bringing it home soon.  Have them show you the keys they learned and how they use their "spider fingers" on the home keys to type!

Read A Thon is coming up!  Today in your child's homework folder is information on how to sign your child up for the read a thon.  Readers will get a free prize just for activating their account! This is a great fundraiser for our district music program the Audubon Reading Rep is our very own Marianne Wallace!  Please take a look at the information today and let me know if you have any questions.  

"Souper Bowl" is beginning this week!  We will be collecting cans of soup and beans for Wee Care through March 2nd.  If you have any to donate, please have your child bring them to class and we will deliver to the library.  

New Student!  We will be getting a new student later this week!  Her name is Jennifer and she is from Chicago.  We are excited to meet her!



Please read each night and mark on the reading log.  The reading log is due at the end of each school week.

  • Monday-no school
  • Tuesday -no math, spelling abc order
  • Wednesday -math 8.5, spelling sentences
  • Thursday - math worksheet, study spelling words

Oldies but still goodies                               

(Old announcements but still good to have on hand)

Please check the school website for important information each week and sign up for their weekly newsletter. You can go to the quick link page on the left margin. Scroll down to Wednesday envelope weekly and you should be taken to the page. It will be very helpful for you! 

Spelling City is a great site to help study for spelling!  You can check it out at

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Celeste Chain

Flores ext 4092
Chain ext 4087

Word Wall Words

Students should be able to read and spell the following words:

a, at, as, an, am, are, and,after, but, by, because, black, be, box, back, can, come, came, call, did, do, find, far, go, get, got, good, give, has, had, he, his, him, how, have, here, her, is, if, in, it, into, just, like, little, look, long, last, large, my, man, me, make, made, much, many, no, not, on, of, our,  over, play, put, pull, run, red, right, so, she, see, say, said, start, the, to, take, this, then, that, too, try, us, up, under, we, when, will, was, who, with, what, why, you

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