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Emma Otsuji

Emma Otsuji

 Welcome back to school!

August 21, 2017 

We survived the Solar Eclipse! The students were able to watch a little bit of the live stream from NASA. It was very interesting! Two classmates brought appropriate eclipse glasses, so we were able to go out two by two to see with our own eyes, too! What a unique experience we had today!

Thank you for all the donations from the supply list! Keep them coming! I will have a Wish List from time to time. I will have items on sticky notes that you can just grab. I am so appreciative of all your support.

Thank you for coming to Back to School Night! It was so great to see so many of you there! I know you had to sacrifice something to be there that night, so I know it wasn't easy. If you were unable to attend that night, please come see me to sign up for a Parent-Teacher Conference date and time. 

 Here are some requests that I have to ensure a great start to the school year:

 1.  Please set an early bedtime for your child (8:00 is great!).

2. Please encourage your child to eat a healthy breakfast every day.

3. Please provide a lunch with foods your child likes and will readily eat. Too often, children throw away their lunches. Review the monthly school lunch menu carefully if your child will be buying. Provide a healthy snack for recess.

4. Please discourage the watching of TV before school.

5. Please label your child’s clothing, lunch box, and backpack with his/her name.

6. Please help your child be on time to school. Children may enter the school grounds after 8:00 a.m. Please be in line by 8:15. Class begins at 8:20.

 My expectations for conduct and academic standards are high. With your participation, both in and out of the classroom, we can look forward to a productive, creative, and enjoyable year together.

Homework officially starts today, Monday, August 21nd. The work this week does NOT need to be returned. It is review. I would like you to focus on establishing the Reading Log routine with your child. This first reading log will only require you to initial that there was reading done. By the end of September, I will ask your student to do a little more with the log. 


 Emma Otsuji


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Spelling Words

the, I, to, a, is, my, go, me, like, on, in, so, we, it, and, up, at, see, he, do, you, an, can, no, am 

Homework for the Week

Spelling Homework: August 21-24

The words are words that your student should have mastered in Kindergarten. Please review them with your student this week. We will be reviewing them in class as well. Your student needs to be able to read AND write the words.

Your student will NOT need to turn in any Spelling work this week.

Suggestions for the week:

      Monday: make flash cards of the words (provided)

      Tuesday: practice reading the words

      Wednesday: make sentences with the words (verbal or written)

      Thursday: Word Scavenger Hunt (look for the words during your reading time)

 Scholastic Book Orders

Class Code - J22F4                               Order Due Date - 9/8/17 

Scholastic Website: http://www.scholastic.com/readingclub

Remember, all of your online orders make it possible for me to order new books for the classroom. Thank you!!

Happy Reading, Mrs. Otsuji