Emma Otsuji

Emma Otsuji


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April 2-13: Spring Break 


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Spelling Words


Sight Words: 

Homework for the Week


Monday: Write your spelling words two times each./Math Lesson 

Tuesday: Word Shapes/Math Lesson

Wednesday: Write sentences with your spelling words./Math Lesson 

Thursday: Word Search/Math Lesson 

Art in Action

Next AiA Lesson: April

Scholastic Book Orders

Class Code - J22F4                              

Order Due Date - April 27, 2018

Scholastic Website: http://www.scholastic.com/readingclub

Remember, all of your online orders make it possible for me to order new books for the classroom. Thank you!!

Happy Reading, Mrs. Otsuji

Spelling Word Archive

the, I, to, a, is, my, go, me, like, on, in, so, we, it, and, up, at, see, he, do, you, an, can, no, am, no, of, for, go, jump, had, ran, cap, has, back, pack, pans, sack, see, she, big, fit, him, hit, kick, kids, lid, lips, little, you, are, beg, fed, jet, ten, let, look, mess, neck, sell, dull, nut, cup, rug, duck, sun, cub, cuff, come, here, flat, slip, class, plums, clock, glad, plan, black, what, put, frog, brim, crab, prop, drip, trim, trip, grass, now, went, split, strap, scrub, squid, stretch, scratch, squish, because, when, cent, gem, face, race, stage, page, dance, strange, far, try, stay, spray, pay, way, paint, mail, trail, rain, year, live, soap, go, flows, show, cold, hoe, toe, toast, your, found, brief, field, each, fleas, seat, need, wheels, we, people, where, bright, high, find, child, tie, pies, sky, why, again, country, born, door, fork, more, short, soar, store, thorn, change, move, bird, first, serve, clerk, turn, hurt, nurse, shirt, earth, every       

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