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Emma Otsuji

Emma Otsuji

october News

 October 22, 2017

Welcome back from Fall Break! Two weeks off should have helped all of us recharge our minds to push forward with our learning goals for the year, right? Whether you were able to travel somewhere or if you just stayed here for the break, I'm sure everyone will be glad to see each other and share about their experiences from the past two weeks. 

We have about a week and a half left of October, and it will be busy as usual. This Friday, we will have our second Art in Action lesson with Miss Ruchita (Tanishk and Trisha's mom). If you are available to volunteer as extra hands, please sign up on the sign up sheet by the classroom or send me an email. The AiA lessons start at 9:00 am and go until about 10:25. We always need extra hands to circulate and help the students with the project, and there's always a little clean up at the end that definitely could use helping hands. It's an excellent opportunity to help out and see your student in action and volunteer in the classroom!

Next Tuesday is October 31st. We all know Halloween is a particularly exciting day for the students. You should have received some information from Mrs. Brady regarding the Halloween Carnival that the school is planning to do at the end of the day from 1:50-2:30. Room 9 will have a small party before the carnival with activities and crafts. Please look for information about donations or ways that you could help for the party on the Shutterfly site or on the class webpage. The class party would start around 1:00 (right after lunch) with the children changing into their costumes. We will not have any food during the party since the children will have just eaten lunch, so please make sure you send food for lunch that day. Most of you will be spending some time in the evening going trick-or-treating, so I don't feel that it's necessary to give the children any extra "treats" at school. Instead, we will focus on having fun and artistic activities for them before the carnival, and then we can all have even more fun outside at the carnival! 

Other than these two fun and exciting activities, we will jump right back into business as usual at school. Please remember that the Homework Folder should be returned every day, the Reading Log should be filled out daily, and that your student needs a snack everyday, especially Wednesday. As much as possible, also please make sure your student knows what they are having for lunch (from home or school). 

Early bedtime for everyone tonight (including grown-ups)! See you bright and early tomorrow morning! Thank you for supporting your student every day! Have a great week.


Emma Otsuji


October 27: Art in Action

October 31: Halloween Party and Carnival

November 3: Field Trip to Hidden Villa

November 10: Veterans' Day observed - NO SCHOOL

November 22-24: Thanksgiving Holiday

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Spelling Words

dull, nut, cup, rug, duck, sun, cub, cuff, come, here  

Homework for the Week

Monday: Write your spelling words two times each./Math Lesson 3-1

Tuesday: Word Shapes(six words)/Math Lesson 3-2

 Wednesday: Spelling Sentences/Math Lesson 3-3

 Thursday: Word Search/Math Lesson 3-4

Art in Action

The next Art in Action Lesson will be on October 27th. Parents who would like to volunteer to be extra helping hands can sign up the week of the lesson. 

Scholastic Book Orders

Class Code - J22F4                              

Order Due Date - November 17

Scholastic Website: http://www.scholastic.com/readingclub

The next order would be a great time to order for the Winter Holidays. Please look for the new catalogs in your Wednesday envelope or just go to Scholastic.com to look through all the catalogs online.

Remember, all of your online orders make it possible for me to order new books for the classroom. Thank you!!

Happy Reading, Mrs. Otsuji

Spelling Word Archive

the, I, to, a, is, my, go, me, like, on, in, so, we, it, and, up, at, see, he, do, you, an, can, no, am, no, of, for, go, jump, had, ran, cap, has, back, pack, pans, sack, see, she, big, fit, him, hit, kick, kids, lid, lips, little, you, are, beg, fed, jet, ten, let, look, mess, neck, sell

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