Cassie Berrum

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We are a peanut and tree nut free classroom!  Please be mindful of these allergies when sending in class treats. 

Please be sure you read our Class Page Message and Homework Schedule every Monday. This will ensure that your child receives full credit for his/her homework, and you won’t miss any details about upcoming events.

Weekly Message

Student-Led Conferences begin next week.  Please be sure to bring your child.  He/she will be presenting activities we have worked on throughout the year.  I  look forward to seeing the interaction between you and your child.  REMINDER:  Minimum Day Schedule,  8:20-12:40, June 4th-8th.  

We have started a new unit on American Symbols.  The children are learning songs, creating art projects, and are learning facts about our country's symbols.  Our focus will be the Bald Eagle, Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell, and the American Flag. Be sure to ask your child what we have been discussing in class. This unit will end with a performance in the Activity Room on, June 19th, at 8:45 am.

We will also be celebrating the end of the school year with a class picnic on Wednesday the 20th.  I will be sending more information home regarding our picnic soon. 


Monday:  Wear something purple.

Bring in jelly.  All condiment items will be donated to the Wee Care food bank.

Tuesday:  Wear something red.

Bring in ketchup.

Wednesday:  Wear yellow.

Bring in mustard or honey.

Thursday: Wear green. 

Bring in pickles or relish.

Friday:  Wear Blue

Bring in mayonnaise.








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(650)312-7500 ext. 4069

Wish List


Upcoming Events

Minimum Days due to conferences June 4th-8th

American Symbols performance June 19th

End of year picnic June 20th 

 Word Wall

Kindergarten:   a   am   an   and at can  do   go   he   it   in   I  me  my no   like   on   so   see   to   the up   we   you   is  have  has big 

First Grade:  had   ran   cap     back   pack   pans   sack   she trim  drip  crab  grass  trip brim frog  prop  went   now  ten  beg  neck  look  mess  fed  let  are  sell  jet cub  rug  nut  duck  cup  dull  sun  cuff  come  here  flat  glad  slip  plan  black  plums  what  clock  put  skip  smell  step  skin  spot  spin  slip  sled  was  out  thing  bath  wish  bring  shop  this  rang  shut  these  our  rang  thing  bath  shop  this  bring  shut  wish  our  these  split  strap  squid  stretch  scratch  sprint  squish  because  when  take  game  made  came  skate  plate  right  brave  start  home broke rode  those  spoke  hole  close  bone  how  under  strange  for  try  gem  cent  race  page  dance  face  stage  mine  nice  line  ride  time  white  slice  bike  after  call  short  door  born  store  soar  fork  thorn  more  move  change  round  loud  frown  how  done  brown  down  count  before  sprout  join  joy  coin  boy  spoil  point  moist  walk  buy   knob  wrist  gnat  know  knight  wrap  sign  wrong  better  learn    

Daily Schedule

  • 8:20   School Begins
  • 8:45   Language Arts
  • 10:25  Snack Recess
  • 10:50  Writer’s Workshop
  • 11:30   Science/Social Studies
  • 12:10   Lunch
  • 1:10     PMT/Math
  • 2:00    Math
  • 2:40    Dismissal


  • 8:30   Computers
  • 9:55  Library


  • 10:55   Music


  • 12:00  Buddies
  • 12:40  Dismissal