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Cassie Berrum

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We are a peanut and tree nut free classroom!  Please be mindful of these allergies when sending in class treats. 

Please be sure you read our Class Page Message and Homework Schedule every Monday. This will ensure that your child receives full credit on his/her homework, and you won’t miss any details about upcoming events.

Weekly Message

It was a pleasure having a chance to meet with you many of you at Back to School Night.  

As I mentioned Thursday Night be sure to check our class page every Monday. This will keep you update  on what is happening in our classroom, as well as homework expectations.

If you have not already done so please sign up on the PTA web page, so you will be able to view all the fliers online. 

Please turn in the Student Information page located in the homework folder by Friday.  This give me an opportunity to learn a little more about your child.

If you need to get in touch with me please do not hesitate to send an email.  I will do my best to get back to you after school.


I have made changes to the homework plans that I mentioned on Thursday.

Spelling List:  I   we   can   he   is    (I will be giving a spelling test on Friday.) For the next couple of weeks the words on the spelling test will be generated from the kindergarten high frequency words.

Monday:  Using the paper that I have provided write 3 spelling words 3 times each.                                                                                                           Homework Study Area, Survival Kit, and think about a good drop spot for the homework folder so you don't forget to return it to school the next day.

Tuesday:  Write the 2 remaining spelling words 3 times each.                Choose two words and write a sentence for each word.  Be sure the sentences begin with a capital and end with a period. 

Wednesday:  Using the remaining 3 words write a sentence for each word.  Be sure the sentences begin with a capital and end with a period.

Thursday:  Study your spelling words.  

Friday: Spelling Test                                                                                                          When I give the test on Friday I will say the word 2 times and then use it in a sentences.  Please reinforce that the word "I" is always a capital.




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Upcoming Events


Word Wall

Kindergarten:   a   am   an   and at can   do   go   he   it   in   I   me my no   like   on   so   see   to   the up   we   you   is  

First Grade:   

Daily Schedule

8:20   School Begins
8:45   Language Arts
10:25  Snack Recess
10:50  Writer’s Workshop
11:30   Science/Social Studies
12:10   Lunch
1:10     PMT/Math
2:00    Math
2:40    Dismissal
      8:30   Computers
      9:55  Library
      10:55   Music
      12:00  Buddies
      12:40  Dismissal