Cassie Berrum

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Weekly Message


Thank you for the Pennies for Patients donations.  Our class collected $109.37.  I'm so proud of the children.  We have had many discussions regarding where this money is going, and how they are helping very sick children.  The final collection for Pennies for Patients will be January 31st.   

We have Art in Action on Friday.  Piya (Ujaan) will be teaching the lesson this week.  She would appreciate help setting, helping students with supplies as needed, and cleaning up.  If you are available to help please let me know.  

Spelling test on Friday.                                                                                                                             (bone  broke  close  hole  home  how  rode  spoke  those  under)                                             

I have noticed that many of the children have begun using RAZ-Kids at home.  As your child reads through the different books at their level, be mindful that to move to the next level, he/she will need to listen, read, and take the assessment of each story.  Please encourage your child to stay with one book, which will help with the comprehension questions. 

Please remind your child that they need to line up at our classroom when he/she comes on campus in the morning. We have reviewed this rule several times. Again, no playing on the play structure or running around. The children can stand in line and talk with their classmates. I appreciate your support.

Be sure to review the corrected work as it comes home in the Home Folder. This review is a chance to see what your child is doing in the classroom. Wonderful conversations can arise as your child shares, as well as spending this special time together.


  • No playing on the play structure before school.  When the children come onto the campus after 8:00, they need to line up at our classroom. 
  • PMT teachers have asked that the children wear closed-toed shoes Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  These shoes help prevent injuries.
  • Please remind your child if he/she needs a lunch ticket.  
  • Please write your child's name on jackets, backpacks, and lunch boxes.

 Home Activities

reading - read to self, read to someone, have someone read to you, read using different character voices, sort your books (fiction and non-fiction)

indoor activities - play a board game or card game, cook or bake something, count, sort, and organize things, set the table, practice tying your shoes, write a thank you note, make a comic, write a note to a relative, keep a journal, paint, draw, do origami, make a collage

outdoor activities - create something with chalk, jump rope, ride a bike, swim, practice tying your shoes, count, sort, and organize things, make an obstacle course or treasure hunt, do yoga, garden, animal watching

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(650)312-7500 ext. 4069

Wish List


Book Order

Class Code:  DXLT7 

Upcoming Events


24th:  Art in Action (10:40-12:00)

Book Orders due

25th:  Foster City Library  Read-a-Thon Kick-Off  (2:00-3:30)


High Frequency Words

Kindergarten:   a  am  an  and  at  can  do  go  he  I  in  is  it  like  me  my  no  on  see  so  the  to  up  we  you  the 

First Grade: back  cap  had  has  pack  pans  ran  sack  she  had  ran  cap  has  back  pack  pans  sack  she  hot  lock  rock  box  mop  tops  doll  cots  one  jump  ten  jet  fed  neck  let  mess  beg  sell  look  are  dull  nut  cup  rug  duck  sun  cub  cuff come  here  flat  slip  class  plums  clock  glad  plan  black  what  put  trim  crab  trip  frog  prop  drip  grass  brim  went  now  skip  smell step  skin  spot  spin  slip  sled  was out  best  good  hand  jump  nest  pink  trunk  who  thing  bath wish  bring  shop  this  rang  shut  these  our  lunch  chop  when  catch  whiff  check  much  match  once  hurt  split  strap  scrub  squid  stretch  scratch  sprint  squish  because  take  made  came  plate  brave  game  make  skate  right  start   broke  bone  close  hole  home  how  rode  spoke  those  under  

Daily Schedule

  • 8:20   School Begins
  • 8:45   Language Arts
  • 10:25  Snack Recess
  • 10:50  Writer’s Workshop
  • 11:30   Science/Social Studies
  • 12:10   Lunch
  • 1:10     PMT/Math
  • 2:00    Math
  • 2:40    Dismissal


  • 8:30   Computers
  • 10:00  Library


  • 11:30   Music


  • 12:40  Dismissal