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Lisa Holcombe

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Class News

IXL is up and running.  I will be giving extra credit to those who practice at home.  It's a fun way to learn! 


We have finished Topic 1, Topic 2 and  Topic 3 and are now done with Topic 4.


This week I strayed from the Foss textbook and focused on the Common Core Next Generation Science.  I also did STEM activities.  We constructed and labeled skeletons, built towers out of toothpicks and cheese balls.   Additionally, we covered hurricanes since they have been in the news these past few weeks.  We designed and built houses that could withstand a hurricane and view youtube hurricane clips.  It was very enjoyable and educational.

Social Studies

We have been studying Native Americans and have just finished Chapter 2.  We will have a test tomorrow.  They should do well if they have been practicing quizlet.

Language Arts

We are reading the book, Wonder.  Just can't wait for the movie to come out.  Our first unit of study in the newly adopted literacy series will be Unit 2, Tom Sawyer

Wish List

Colored Paper (Bright)---Stamps for mail to parents--Post its-- Playdough. We used a lot of play dough for hurricane prevention today.  But it was FUN!!!

 Special Links

(https://orders.scholastic.com/QBB42 )



Thursday- Study for Social Studies, Math, Vocabulary and Spelling Test. Use Quizlet. It will expedite the process. Wordly Wise packet.  I know it seems like a lot in one day but we have been taking time every day to study, except for the spelling test.  I planned on doing that today but there just wasn't enough time.

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