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Lisa Holcombe

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Class News

Gift Exchange On Thursday


We will have a gift exchange before winter break 

IXL is up and running.  I will be giving extra credit to those who practice at home.  It's a fun way to learn! 


 Topic 7  Division. 


We are Studying for the Living Systems unit Test


Social Studies

We are studying the explorers and the discoveries of the new world.

Language Arts

We are stating the novel Number the Stars.  Our next topic for the district adopted text is Cultivating Natural Resources

Wish List

Baby Wipes to clean desks among other things.

Stamps---Glue Sticks--scissors (Mine are disappearing) 


(https://orders.scholastic.com/QBB42 )



Monday.., Math division Worksheet, 3 pages wordly wise, reading reflection, 2 questions about the poems.


Wednesday  Wordly Wise, Reading Reflection, Math 7-4




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Classroom Projects